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2014 is a new year for me who want to re-construct my life for a better path. When i found so many difficulties and a bitter memories back then, I will use them to gain much courage to build a better future. One thing that I shall do first is be socialized. I know I am not usually attached with someones new, I really bad in sociality. I mean, I really hard to adapt to a new environment but after I get use to, I usually am out of control. Kekeke. 

Well, for first step, I took this path to start my social life became a better one. I try to find some new friends to be attached with. It's not a difficult task to find so many new friends, I really am able to do oit easily, but to find someone who are really care with me and also someone who can I rely on, it's quite difficult.

I am a kind of a hesitate person to start new relationship, even in friendship. I am too scare to be left, or betrayed, I usually can screen which one is match with my style from the first time I talk to them. And the one that I feel uncomfortable with is usually someone who has "black note" from others to, such a public enemy.

But these are the choosen ones who able to be my new best friend that I can attached with. They have their own speciality and they really are fit to my style. We even make group to keep contact in case we can't meet up for a moment. We usually share everything that happened to us. We talk about a bad day, happy day, angry day, or whatsoever we want. We even ony say hi then goodbye without any offense.

Well, I would like to introduce them one by one. Pardon our narcism! 
BALIMED Intern-Internship Period Mei 2013-2014
AVA stand for Adit Veda and Ayu

S4 group, they are consist of my elementary school mates

Genk Cetar, my best girls ever. We have separated already and spread over the regio in Indonesia

Random Crew, didn't decide our group name yet. We usually meet up and hang out for fun
It's really fun having so many friend I can hang out with. But it's also a big burden because if we are to much attached, I really miss them every time we can't spending our time even just to meet up. I always owe to my old friend and everlasting friend CALIBPE who will be standing by me in eery situation. And how busy we are, we never loose contact and we always support each other in every situation.
CALIBPE CLEO2 minus Cok yuva though

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